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Bright-Intensive Anti Pigmentation Cream - Silver Collection
Bright-Intensive Anti Pigmentation CreamPromotes clearer, brighter skin tones and texture Highly advanced botanically based whitening complex Effective against the aging signs of skin discolorationMoisturizes and calms the skin with Allantoin and Omega Helps create radiant, more youthful and hea..
EYE CONTOUR CREAM - Silver Collection
EYE CONTOUR CREAMSUPERIOR PERFORMANCE TRIPLE-ACTIVE REPAIR CARERefining Herbal HydratioמEffective Antioxidant ProtectionEye Contour Calming Repair Complex Best of Natural Ingredients: Enriched moisturizing oil complex plus Dimethicone to help restore and regenerate the delicate eye surrounds;t..
Eye Contour-Intensive Serum Concentrate Firms & Lifts Delicate SkinSoothes, Calms & ConditionsIntensive Moisturizing SkincareHighly enriched and powerful age-repair serum concentrate of herbs, minerals and vitamins for optimal care of the eye contours. Eye Contour Intensive SerumConcent..
FACIAL-INTENSIVE SERUM CONCENTRATESUPERIOR PERFORMANCE TRIPLE-ACTIVE SKINCARE1. Optimal & Intensive Hydration2. Enriched Nourishing Skincare3. Antioxidant Age Protection  This is a powerful and high-performance serum concentrate that supplies optimal hydrating care to the face and neck..
MOISTURE INTENSIVE Day Cream - Silver Collection
NOURISHING MOISTURE INTENSIVE DAY CreamMoisture Intensive Day Cream. Superior Hydration triple active facial care for all skin types. Soothing herbal hydration, antioxidant and UV protection helping to regenerate and revitalize skin. Contains Dead Sea minerals. 50 ml. 1.7 fl. Oz. Cautions: ..
Nourishing-Intensive Night Cream
Nourishing-Intensive Night Cream  - Silver CollectionSUPERIOR PERFORMANCE TRIPLE-ACTIVE SKINCARE50mlJarEssential Night NutritionHerbal Moisture BalanceOver-Night Recovery Complex Actively works on your skin overnight while you sleep to nourish and lock-in moisture to create soft, satin smo..
Radiance Repair that Cleanses & Exfolites  50 ml. (1.7 fl. oz.)Gentle Facial Peeling Gel exfoliates and deeply cleanses in order to promote natural skin renewal. It removes oil residues, unclogs pores and helps prevent the build-up of dead and dry cells on the skin surface. It features..
Major-Make-Over Purifying Mud Mask - Silver Collection
Purifying Mud Mask Major-Make-OverTRIPLE-ACTIVE RADIANCE REPAIRDeep Facial Cleansing Anti-Aging Antioxidant ProtectionOmega Based Herbal OilsPurifying Mud Mask triple-active radiance-repair provides the skin with a major makeover; improves smoothness, softness to reveal the skin'..
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